A New Light

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A New Light on the Expanding Universe is a book which has as its fundamental premise that the speed of light is not 300,000 km/sec, which is accepted as an irrefutable fact by essentially all physicists, and most knowledgeable laymen, but is, instead, infinite.

So, it is not likely that, if you are a physicist, you will buy the book, which says something you probably consider to be absurd. It doesn't matter what the evidence is, you are not going to believe it. And, if you are a non-physicist, it most likely doesn't make any difference to you whether light moves through empty space at an almost incomprehensible speed, or instead, gets there in no time at all.

But, there may be some of you who are curious about what could lead to such an outrageous conclusion, and what evidence could be offered to back up the assertion that all of those scientists over the past hundred and twenty years or so were wrong about something so fundamental. It is for those few I have written the book.

Should there be an errant scientist amongst  this group of curious individuals, please understand that I am not joking. I think there are many  places where  quantumchromodynamics and string theory fail to make all the pieces fit together. It will be worth your time to look at my alternate approach to just about everything, and see if it doesn't help explain things like  the wave/partical duality of radiation; what negative potential energy means; and whether there is really a need for dark matter.

Some selected excerpts from the book are presented under Excerpts, and the Table of Contents is listed  under Table of Contents.

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                                                                                                                            Les Hardison


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